The Team

Meet Our Team

Joe Camaratta


President and Chief Executive Officer
Member, Management Representative Committee.

Mr. Camaratta specializes in medical technology innovation and commercialization, taking products from concept to clinical adoption. He built businesses for GE Healthcare and Siemens Healthcare (among others) with revenues in the $10 to $300 million range. He holds an MS in Computer Science, and has led product management and development efforts in a regulated environment. Mr. Camaratta serves on a number of committees supporting investment in early stage technologies, and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company.

Steve Owens

Steve Owens Headshot

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Owens is an experienced leader of Innovation Centers focused on research, product development, software engineering, and IT operations in the pharmaceutical research and medical device industries. He has a record of accomplishment of leading and developing people and organizations transform cutting edge technology into innovative products and services. He previously built and led software development organizations for Siemens Healthcare and Forest Laboratories.


Jayaram K. Udupa, Ph.D.




Dr. Udupa has 38 years of professional research experience in the areas of image processing, computer vision, and medical imaging. He is recognized for developing fundamental computational theories and algorithm in these areas, developing and distributing large open-source software systems, and bringing 3D image analysis techniques into a variety of medical application areas. He is the chief architect of the ideas and the design behind the Automatic Anatomy Recognition (AAR) technology.


Drew Torigian, MD, MA, FSAR




Dr. Torigian is a physician-scientist in the Department of Radiology with expertise in thoracic imaging, body CT, body and musculoskeletal MRI, cardiovascular imaging, and PET/CT imaging. His research focuses on quantification of pulmonary and abdominal diseases by CT and MR imaging using computer-assisted techniques, includes quantification of diseases of various parts of the body using software to analyze PET/CT images. Dr. Torigian has worked closely with Dr. Udupa for over 10 years and in developing the AAR technology.


Management Representative Committee Members

Dora Mitchell, Ph.D.

Dr. Mitchell is a startup company portfolio manager, directing the University of Pennsylvania’s UPstart Company Incubator, where she has been involved in establishing and financing more than 20 university-affiliated companies. Previously, Dr. Mitchell was a member of the Health and Life Sciences team at Battelle Ventures, LP, Head of preclinical development of NellOne Therapeutics, Inc., and interned with venture-backed startup Tobira Therapeutics Inc. and in business development with the Fox Chase Cancer Center. Dr. Mitchell earned a PhD in Molecular Biology from Princeton University and a Certificate in Clinical Research from the University of Pennsylvania.

Brian Posner

Mr. Posner is a public company Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with experience in fund-raising and building strategic partnerships. He is strategic and financial leader with over 25 years of diversified management experience working in both public and private companies ranging from start-up to $1 billon. Mr. Posner is skilled at assisting teams achieve organizational goals, with strong experience in capital raising, business development, and acquisition transactions.


David McLaughlin

Principal Software Engineer

Mr. McLaughlin has a MS in Medical Physics and completed a residency in radiation oncology. He brings the company strong domain experience in radiation therapy planning and knowledge of existing treatment planning systems.

Gargi Pednekar

Principal Software Engineer

Ms. Pednakar holds a Masters of Biomedical Engineering from Drexel University, and completed an internship at Dr. Udupa’s Medical Imaging Processing Group laboratory where she developed algorithms for quantification of thoracic objects. She has strong knowledge of human anatomy and understanding of regulations that need to be addressed during product development and commercialization.

Board of Advisors

Sina Adibi

CEO and President, Adaptive Clinical Systems. Mr. Adibi is a Senior Technology leader with 20+ years experience translating market demands and company business strategy into actionable technology framework. Experience in  marketing, technology image, and service reputation enhancements for product and services in regulated environments.

Dennis Falkenstein

President & CEO, iOnTrends, Inc. Mr. Falkenstein brings extensive customer relations world wide in radiation oncology and imaging devices. He has proven experience in marketing, communications, sales and service of medical products, and strategies for FDA clearance and re-imbursement.

Charles Simone, MD

Medical Center Director, University of Maryland Proton Therapy Center. Dr. Simone is nationally recognized expert in proton therapy, with focus on adaptive radiotherapy planning. He has extensive experience in development of clinical trial strategies and research protocols.